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Introduction: Disney’s newest live-action movie, Cruella is set to be released simultaneously in theaters and on the Disney+ streaming service with Premier Access on May 28, 2021. The twist on the beloved One Hundred and One Dalmatians classic is highly anticipated after the previous success Disney’s had with previous live-action remakes such as Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. Portrayed by Academy Award-winning actress, Emma Stone, the movie will be the origin story for the animated classic villain, Cruella De Vil.

It’s no longer enough to talk to fans and consumers through posters and billboards. Focusing on a…

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The entertainment industry is one of the biggest and most diverse businesses in the world. With an international audience and the emergence of social media in the past decade, issues are bound to arise. A social media crisis is any social media activity that potentially hurts a brand or business’s reputation. This means it goes beyond a simple customer complaint or a negative opinion. In early 2020, actress Vanessa Hudgens made a highly insensitive and out-of-touch comment about the Coronavirus pandemic that perfectly highlights the need for guidelines.

How do you wake up in the Matrix if you don’t know you’re even in the Matrix?

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The Social Dilemma, the Netflix documentary-drama hybrid, explores the danger of social media and its technology on us and our reality. After hearing the somber testimonies of several men and women who help build social media and their terrifying thoughts on how it’s affecting the world, it makes you wonder if it’s time to delete and retreat.

Platforms and features, like Facebook’s “like” button, weren’t created with malicious intent. In fact, they were crafted with the hope that they would bring people together…

Long gone are the days where companies just look at numbers to pick their next influencer partner. Micro-influencers, individuals that have anywhere between 1,000 and 1 million followers, might be the new wave of social media marketing.

Enter freelance journalist and lifestyle influencer Olivia Muenter. With just over 28K followers, Olivia has amassed a highly engaged community for herself. While it might look like she could never compete with the likes of Kylie Jenner and other celebrity influencers, brands might say otherwise.

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To partner with individuals who fit the more traditional term “influencer,” companies are looking at spending upwards of…

Chances are if you’ve been awake and a part of American culture in the past ten years you’ve had a can of LaCroix. Or at the very least, heard of the Millennial “it” brand.

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The naturally flavored sparkling water brand is one of the most recognizable cans of all time with its colorful abstract packaging and papyrus-esque logo. In a market that is now saturated with dozens of other sparkling water brands, like Spindrift, Waterloo, and Bubly, now more than ever LaCroix has had to determine a specific target audience and define what makes them stand out against their competitors.

Netflix might be the biggest streaming service around the world. With over 371 original shows and movies and counting, the platform continues to make good on its promise to entertain the world. As a company made up of the world’s biggest fans of entertainment, they have one simple goal of helping their subscribers find their new favorite stories, no matter where they live or what language they speak.

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With a mission statement like that, Netflix is pursuing its overall goal to be a leader in the international entertainment industry. One of the company’s primary objectives is to deliver exciting content…

Chobani is one of the most recognizable yogurt names today. From our humble beginnings out an old Kraft factory to our recent expansion into coffee creamers and alternative milks, the company knows a thing or two about effectively marketing to their audience.

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Visuals: In recent years Chobani did a complete brand overhaul in order to better relate and reach our loyal fans. Images posted across all channels should include the new Chobani logo, ideally on the packaging, and large enough so the eye does not strain to find it. …

The 2010s might go down in history as the decade that finally broke mainstream culture. From William Shakespeare to Britney Spears, pop culture has benefitted from a monoculture mindset; the idea that since everyone is ingesting the same media, music and news, there’s a general consensus on what is important enough to become popular at that given time. But as more streaming services (other than Netflix and Hulu) popped up, and cable effectively dead, media has spread out to the corners of the galaxy like the Infinity Stones. …

Social media are the open and vast places that seem to make the Internet go around. Giants in the social media realm, like Facebook and Youtube, have given people platforms so open and accessible that it’s caused controversy on whether social media is an extension of free speech and protected by the First Amendment.

But what about the small platforms? How could they possibly stand against sites like Instagram with over a billion active users? While users and brands might get caught up in the power of harnessing popular social media sites, niche platforms like Quora and Reddit are wells…

It’s hard to imagine there was a time where Facebook didn’t exist. Where there were no places to post personal photos, share important milestones, or keep in touch with family and friends all at the same time. Or no website that I can log in to and scroll my day away as I pretend to look busy at work. It’s almost as if modern times have been split into two very distinct periods; before social media and with social media. But before we got to the onslaught of platforms we have today in 2021, we had to start somewhere. …

Anastasia Sims

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