Chobani; Greek Yogurt with Style

Chobani is one of the most recognizable yogurt names today. From our humble beginnings out an old Kraft factory to our recent expansion into coffee creamers and alternative milks, the company knows a thing or two about effectively marketing to their audience.

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Visuals: In recent years Chobani did a complete brand overhaul in order to better relate and reach our loyal fans. Images posted across all channels should include the new Chobani logo, ideally on the packaging, and large enough so the eye does not strain to find it. Also, images should be vibrant, colorful and whimsical to help create the friendliness and relatability the brand has constructed.

Below is a package that can serve as a visuals manual. It includes some of the colors, fonts, and other assets that should be considered and used to create content.

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Our Voice: We are no boring dairy brand. Just like a friendly neighbor, we want to engage and spend time with our fans online. Whether that means responding or reposting topical (and nice) Chobani content from our audience or running social media contests to reward our fans talking to us, we want to be involved with our audience so they create a personal connection with us and our brand.

For captions and posts, this can mean using conjunctions like “let’s” instead of “let us,” using the possessive “our” pronoun, and continuing our conversational tone. We are also not afraid to admit our own faults. In the instances in which we post something incorrectly, have to edit a caption, or completely repost, we are transparent. If this is the case, we address that it was reposted in a fun and lighthearted way. (See our New Years post screenshotted under ideal word count)

Photo from @Chobani on Twitter

This screenshot is from our current social media contest where one lucky Chobani fan could win $75,000 just by sharing what creamer they want to see from us next.

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Ideal word count: This Instagram post wishing our fans a happy new year is a great example of the ideal character use. Across all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) we believe in short, sweet, and to the point. Ideally, we shoot for about 2–3 sentences and no more than 200 characters per post. Also, we don’t shy away from utilizing emojis; but, we do use them sparingly. About one to two max.

Photo from @Chobani on Instagram

However, there are expectations to the word count. Some campaigns, such as our Black History Month spotlights, require more set up and therefore can proceed past the ideal word count as deemed necessary. No matter the campaign, UGC, or otherwise, Chobani will always try to incorporate a call to action when appropriate.

Hashtags: Below is a screenshot from our company Twitter. Much like emojis, you will see that we use hashtags sparingly. While we want to reach a wider audience, we also want to have conversations with our followers. We do not want to bulk up our message with useless hashtags.

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How to deal with customer issues: Simply put, we aim to take all customer issues to direct messages. When doing community management, respond by recognizing the issue and ask the user to direct message whatever you need in order to correct the issue. The screenshot below provides the perfect response to this issue. However, the initial reply should be done in a timelier manner (12 hours or less).

Photo from @Chobani on Twitter

Overall staying consistent is our number one cheat code. We want to show off our new branded style and contuine posting what our followers expect. Undetsanding this will pivotal to continuing Chobani’s social success.